Business of the Month & Small Business of the Month

This award recognizes those businesses in Gwinnett that make a difference in our community.

  • Community Development
  • Chamber Involvement
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Outstanding Community Service

Nominate a business today to be considered for this prestigious recognition. The staff of the Gwinnett Chamber will select each month’s winners based on your nominations and the nominated company’s qualifications based on the list above.

Nominations that are passed over will be considered for selection for the next two months after which they will be dropped from consideration. After this three-month period, the company may be nominated again by the same person. The same person may not nominate any company more than once within a three-month period.

Click HERE to view a list of past Small Business of the Month recipients.

Click HERE to view a list of past Business of the Month recipients.

Please use the form below to nominate a Business for Business/Small Business of the Month:

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