Gwinnett Chamber Launches Inaugural Membership Blitz

Volunteers work to tell the Chamber story during historic three-day event

The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce will host a membership event like no other. For two and a half days, more than 100 volunteers will work against the clock and against one another to enroll new Chamber members while creating a greater community awareness of the important role of the Chamber of Commerce.

“As our business climate is everchanging, our programs and benefits to Chamber members and the community continuously evolve to meet current needs,” said Vince DeSilva, Gwinnett Chamber Sr. Vice President Membership Services. “The membership blitz is the perfect platform to tell the story of the Chamber to the masses, including our unique role in the community, and the many opportunities we offer to help businesses grow and thrive.”

The event is organized by Jimmy Cusano and the organization Your Chamber Connection. Their specialty is high energy membership campaigns that allow volunteers to conduct creative, ‘out of the box’ membership fun while building the membership base.

“It’s about business,” said event guru, Jimmy Cusano. “The Chamber of Commerce is the business community. This brings everyone together to build our Chamber. It’s a membership-based organization and most people don’t like ‘membership drives’. With a membership event, they come together in a competitive fun setting and tell the Chamber story. When others hear about everything the Chamber does, suddenly you have a great deal of enthusiasm for the Chamber, and a great deal of support.”

The event, organized by Jimmy Cusano and the organization Your Chamber Connection, will kick off July 25 and conclude July 28 at the Gwinnett Chamber.