The Quinn House Selected as the December 2013 Small Business of the Month

Signs & Wonders, Inc. a/k/a The Quinn House, is a nonprofit corporation established over 25 years
ago. John and Carrol Quinn began the ministry by opening their home in Arizona to a needy
pregnant girl. In 1986 they moved to Gwinnett County. The ministry flourished and soon outgrew
their home in Snellville. Mr. Stark Hudson became aware of the valuable work they were doing in
the community and offered them the use of a home in downtown Lawrenceville at 120 S. Perry
Street. A few years later Mr. Hudson generously gave John and Carrol title to the property.
In 1996 the ministry was designated a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity by the Internal Revenue Service
and incorporated under the name of Signs and Wonders, Inc.

The Quinn House is a licensed food bank, helping to stock 15different food pantries in both North
and East Central Georgia. We send vans out every day to collect food items from several different
donors including Kraft Foods, Inc., Kroger Stores, Publix Supermarkets, Target and Pepperidge
Farms. The food we need to take care of our residents and staff is put aside and then the abundance
left over is distributed to the various other smaller ministries who come to us so they can feed many
needy families in their area.

We also have a full kitchen in which we prepare meals for our residents twice a day. We provide
full meals which include hot foods, cold cuts and salads, fresh fruits, and various bread and baked
goods, including a wide variety of desserts. We try to insure that our residents have good healthy
diets while they are here with us, and also provide them with staples and other food items when they
graduate to their own homes. From this kitchen, we also serve hot food to needy individuals or
families that show up at our house in need.

The Senior Food Box Program provides food boxes for approximately 80-100 Seniors age 60+ at
the end of every month. Many of our low income seniors live on fixed incomes and are usually
running out of good healthy food items at the end of the month. These boxes include several kinds
of canned vegetables and meats, dry goods including rice, stuffing and macaroni & cheese, baked
goods and bread, lunch and breakfast meats, dairy and cheese products and frozen entrees as well
as toiletries and paper products.

We also have an emergency food box program that assists single mothers and families in need. This
program operates on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of every week.