2020 General Election Results—Congratulations to the Winners

2020 General Election Results—Congratulations to the Winners

In a historic election-year turnout, more Americans voted in this year’s election than in any other election in U.S. history. As of Monday morning, nearly 160 million registered voters exercised their civic responsibility to vote for the U.S. President down to local ballot measures. In Gwinnett County, over four hundred thousand votes were cast.

During this year’s election cycle, the Gwinnett Chamber focused on providing election and candidate information for voters through multiple mediums. In May and September, the chamber hosted virtual candidate forums for U.S. House of Representatives GA District 7, County Chair, County Commissioner Districts 1 & 3, and Gwinnett County Board of Education Districts 1, 3, & 5. Additionally, written questionnaires were distributed to all candidates for response. For candidates seeking office in the Georgia General Assembly, the chamber offered candidates a video spotlight feature. The Gwinnett Chamber believes in the importance of civic engagement and are committed to provide resources about voter information and candidates.

U.S. Congress
Georgia’s two Senate seats are headed into a runoff election in January as no candidate reached the 50% plus one threshold. In the U.S. House, Congressman Hank Johnson won Georgia’s 4th Congressional District and Congressman Jody Hice won the 10th Congressional District. Georgia’s 7th Congressional District will welcome a new representative in Carolyn Bourdeaux. All three congressional districts share a portion of Gwinnett County. The Gwinnett Chamber congratulates our elected officials in Congress.

Gwinnett County
Beginning next year, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners will welcome three new county commissioners, including a new chairman in Nicole Love Hendrickson. Kirkland Carden, former Duluth city councilman, and Jasper Watkins will assume their new role as Commissioner for District 1 and 3, respectively. In addition to the newly elected commissioners, Gwinnett welcomes a new District Attorney (Patsy Austin-Gatson), Sheriff (Keybo Taylor), and Tax Commissioner (Tiffany Porter).

Gwinnett School Board welcomes two new members in Karen Watkins and Dr. Tarece Johnson (District 1 & 5, respectively). District 3 welcomes back Dr. Mary Kay Murphy.

The Gwinnett Chamber congratulates the county’s newly elected officials and look forward together.

Georgia General Assembly
Gwinnett County is represented by 7 State Senators and 18 State Representatives. The Gwinnett Chamber congratulates the 19 elected officials returning to the Georgia Capitol and welcomes the 6 newly elected Senators and Representatives: Michelle Au, Clint Dixon, Kim Jackson, Marvin Lim, Nikki Merritt, and Rebecca Mitchell.

Gwinnett Education SPLOST & Gwinnett Transit Referendum
In August, the chamber board approved two resolutions in support of the Education SPLOST and the Transit Referendum. Support for education funding and a robust transit system are important for the economic growth in the county. World-class schools, less traffic congestion, and regional connectivity all attribute to Gwinnett’s success. While the Education SPLOST passed with overwhelming support, the county remained divided on transit, with the referendum failing by 1000 votes in a virtual tie. Although the chamber is disappointed in its outcome, we look forward to working with the county commission and cities to find the best solution for improved mobility throughout the county.

Election Results by Race

(Winners in BOLD)

US Senate (Perdue)

David Perdue

Jon Ossoff

Run-off election Jan 5


US Senate (Loeffler)

Raphael Warnock

Kelly Loeffler

Run-off election Jan 5


US House District 4

Hank Johnson

Johsie Cruz Ezammudeen


US House District 7

Carolyn Bourdeaux

Rich McCormick


US House District 10

Jody Hice

Tabitha Johnson-Green

State Senate District 5

Sheikh Rahman (uncontested)


State Senate District 9

Nikki Merritt

PK Martin


State Senate District 40

Sally Harrell

Garry Guan


State Senate District 41

Kim Jackson

William Park Freeman


State Senate District 45

Clint Dixon

Matielyn Jones


State Senate District 48

Michelle Au

Matt Reeves


State Senate District 55

Gloria Butler (uncontested)


State House District 81

Scott Holcomb (uncontested)


State House District 93

Dar’Shun Kendrick

Hubert Owens Jr.


State House District 94

Karen Bennett


State House District 95

Beth Moore

Erica McCurdy


State House District 96

Pedro Marin (uncontested)


State House District 97

Bonnie Rich

Mary Blackmon Campbell


State House District 98

David Clark

Taeho Cho


State House District 99

Marvin Lim (uncontested)


State House District 100

Dewey McClain (uncontested)


State House District 101

Sam Park

Carol Field


State House District 102

Greg Kennard

Soo Hong


State House District 103

Timothy Barr

Clifton Marshall


State House District 104

Chuck Efstration

Nakita Hemingway


State House District 105

Donna McLeod

Eric Dierks


State House District 106

Rebecca Mitchell

Brett Harrell


State House District 107

Shelly Hutchinson

Michael McConnell


State House District 108

Jasmine Clark

Johnny Crist


State House District 114

Tom Kirby (uncontested)

County Chair

Nicole Love Hendrickson

David Post


Commissioner District 1

Kirkland Carden

Laurie McClain


Commissioner District 3

Jasper Watkins

Ben Archer


School Board District 1

Karen Watkins

Carole Boyce


School Board District 3

Mary Kay Murphy

Tanisha Banks


School Board District 5

Tarece Johnson

George Puicar



Tax Commissioner

Tiffany Porter

Richard Steele


District Attorney

Patsy Austin-Gatson

Danny Porter



Keybo Taylor

Lou Solis


Education SPLOST

YES – 302,852 (76.62)

NO – 92,433 (23.38%)


Transit Referendum

YES – 198,514 (49.87%)

NO – 199,527 (50.13%)

2020 Voter Turnout

Gwinnett ballots cast: 416,458 (72%)

2018 Voter Turnout

Gwinnett ballots cast: 338,125 (64%)

2016 Voter Turnout

Gwinnett ballots cast: 332,149 (77%)

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