Behind the Small Biz: ACR Speaking Dimensions INC

August is Black Business Month and we’d like to introduce you to our member Andrea Davidson, ACR Speaking Dimensions Inc. To learn more, visit https://acrspeakingdimensions.com.

What inspired you to begin your business?
In graduate school, I knew that I wanted to own my own speech-language practice one day in the future so that I could devout more time to each of my clients. While working as an employee in DeKalb County, I met some awesome SLPs and one encouraged me to take a leap of faith and start my own business like she did. That was just the bug I needed in my ear again to propel me forward so I started my business in 2007.

Who was your first client?
My first client was a preschooler in Newton County.

Where did you begin your business?
I began it at my home in Snellville, GA and my first contract was in Newton County. When I first started my business, I would contract my services with various school systems in GA. Now my location today in Grayson is my own private practice where I see clients at my office in addition to contracting my services to schools.

What piece of advice would you tell your self when you started out?
I had to remember that I walk by faith and not sight so even when things were looking dim, I had to press forward focusing on where my strength comes from…above.

Success Tips:
-Never talk yourself out of trying and putting your best foot forward because there is a lot of hope and promise in the first step.
-Stay rooted and grounded so that you can remain teachable-always learning something new to enhance your skill set and well as the people around you.
-Surround yourself with positive people and ones that have skills in areas that you may not to gain wisdom and knowledge for getting to the next level.
-Be grateful for every move forward and for the times you have to press the reset button-there is a testimony in it all!

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my children already talking, walking, and thinking like entrepreneurs following and one day, surpassing the footsteps of me and my husband to uplift their generation and the next. Knowing that we are grounding them in faith, hope, and love for their future which is secure in their relationship with Christ, makes me proud!

Anything else interesting that you want to share?
I’d like to say to all of the Black-owned businesses out there to keep pressing forward and push others upward in spite of all of the obstacles with face every day. We are an inspiration to all!

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