Behind the Small Biz: North Atlanta Driving School, LLC.

August is Black Business Month and we’d like to introduce you to our member Prince Jackson with North Atlanta Driving School, LLC. To learn more, visit https://www.northatldrivingschool.com.

What inspired you to begin your business?
I realized that there was a need for high-quality, professional driving school services in Buford, GA and its surrounding areas. I decided to attempt to fill that gap and North Atlanta Driving School was created. We offer court mandated defensive driving courses, DUI/risk reduction courses, as well as driving lessons to teach people how to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Who was your first client?
My first client was a young lady who booked a Defensive Driving class and came into our location for instruction. (Prior to COVID-19)

Where did you begin your business?
My business began as just an idea in my mind. After tossing that idea around for a while I finally decided to put my thoughts into actions. It took a while to find the perfect space since we are under the Department of Driver Services and there are very specific requirements that needed to be met before we could receive the DDS’s approval. The wait was worth it as we are in a newly renovated 1,300 sq ft location strategically placed between two major high schools and a couple of miles from the Mall of Georgia.

What piece of advice would you tell your self when you started out?
I would tell myself and anyone else who has the vision of starting a business, whatever that business may be, DO NOT QUIT! Keep pushing and working toward your goals and you’ll eventually achieve them. Having a great support system makes going through those tough times a little easier. Surround yourself with positive people.

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the fact that even through I started my business during a global pandemic my business has been steadily building every month. I am so thankful because I know that there were thousands of small businesses that had to close due to COVID-19.

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