Boxlight announces virtual classroom experience and connected community

Boxlight announces virtual classroom experience and connected community

Boxlight Corporation (Nasdaq: BOXL), a leading provider of interactive technology, digital signage, and software solutions, recently announced the launch of the Boxlight Virtual Classroom Experience, new upgraded features to the award-winning MimioConnect® blended learning platform, and a Get Connected, Stay Connected user-group partnership between Boxlight and MimioConnect users, all of which are designed to support hybrid and remote learning.

The Boxlight Virtual Classroom allows school districts to customize demonstrations using any combination of the Boxlight suite of education technology solutions. Visitors can experience any combination of Boxlight solutions such as MimioConnect for remote and blended learning, front of classroom interactive flat panel displays such as the ProColor 3 interactive display, MimioSTEM solutions, MimioClarity audio distribution system, and much more. Our Boxlight Education Consultants including former classroom teachers, will facilitate virtual learning experiences that will help educators understand how to best use Boxlight solutions for in-class, remote, and hybrid learning focusing on the teaching practices that help students connect-to and engage-in their learning experiences.

The multi-award winning MimioConnect blended learning platform has been updated to better serve the needs of educators in hybrid and remote learning environments. MimioConnect now includes video and audio-conferencing tools to improve student engagement and active participation during remote lessons. This minimizes the number of applications and software teachers must learn and manage, saving time and money. Teachers have an all-in-one solution with the improved MimioConnect platform, enhancing an already interactive and dynamic teaching solution.

To celebrate the launch of the Boxlight Virtual Classroom and the updated MimioConnect solution, Boxlight is sponsoring a “Get Connected, Stay Connected” promotion for educators. Any school or district that schedules and participates in a 60-minute demonstration within the virtual classroom in March will be entered into the Get Connected, Stay Connected user community and will have access to use MimioConnect ongoing in their school. In addition, to help teachers Stay Connected, Boxlight will offer 6 hosted Professional Development sessions through the Virtual Classroom. In return, Boxlight hopes schools will provide feedback and testimonials on the MimioConnect solution. Our goal is to foster a reciprocal relationship – the Connected Community – with schools and districts. This relationship includes ongoing support to educators and schools as they continue to navigate the changing scene of education today.

“Our significant investment of time and resources into the Boxlight Virtual Classroom, MimioConnect software platform and Connected Community are evidence of our ambitious growth plans to become the go-to technology solution provider for education, including virtual and hybrid learning environments. We will continue to announce additional solutions and marketing resources in the coming weeks,” states Michael Pope, Boxlight CEO and Chairman.

For more information on the Boxlight Virtual Classroom or MimioConnect blended learning platform, please visit Boxlight.

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