Georgia Power’s Christopher Womack gives an update on Georgia’s energy landscape

Georgia Power’s Christopher Womack gives an update on Georgia’s energy landscape

On Wednesday, Gwinnett Chamber members heard from Christopher Womack, Chairman, President & CEO of Georgia Power, on Georgia’s energy landscape and the company’s growth throughout the past century. Chris Womack was named chairman, president, and CEO of Georgia Power in 2021. He leads Georgia Power in serving its 2.6 million customers across the state. The company is the largest subsidiary of Southern Company, one of the nation’s leading energy providers.

Christopher stated that ten years ago, the majority of Georgia Power’s power source originated from coal. Today, less than 15% come from coal. The transition to be more energy efficient, environmentally conscious, and innovative derives from Georgia Power’s investment in the advancement of technology.

In addition to investments in technology, diversification of its energy resource portfolio has allowed Georgia Power to continue delivering safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to its 2.6 million customers. Christopher highlighted Georgia Power’s ongoing construction of Plant Vogel Units 3 & 4, the first new generation of nuclear energy facilities under construction in the U.S. in over 30 years. Christopher stated that nuclear will be a baseload energy source that will always be operating at low costs and carbon free. While solar was once viewed as unsustainable from a price and reliability standpoint, Georgia Power has increased its reliance in use of solar as it has become more affordable and reliable (14 cents per kilowatt hour to 3 cents per kilowatt hour).

The Gwinnett Chamber supports energy policies that ensure a clean, safe, reliable, affordable, and diverse energy portfolio for Georgia. We also support policies that enhance the sustainability reputation of the region and spur long-term economic growth.

Georgia Power has and remains committed to partnering in Georgia’s economic development efforts, working with chambers of commerce throughout the state, state & local economic development departments, and local development authorities to attract businesses from around the globe to grow and expand in Georgia. Plant Vogel is projected to create 800 permanent jobs once completed. The Gwinnett Chamber and Partnership Gwinnett is proud to have Christopher and Georgia Power as partners in our economic development efforts.

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