Spend one day working alongside a Gwinnett County Public Schools principal and you’ll never look at the principal’s job (or maybe your own!) in quite the same way. You’ll experience amazing leaders, outstanding teachers, eager students, precious faces…the sights and sounds of quality teaching and learning…and a chance to walk in the shoes of one of the most important jobs in America…a public school principal!

Principal for a Day provides business leaders a firsthand, authentic look at the operations of today’s schools and the principals who lead them. They will observe, up-close and personally, the rewards, challenges, and satisfaction that come with being the instructional and managerial leader of a modern public school.

If you are selected to participate in the Principal for a Day program, your attendance at the following events is strongly encouraged:

  • Principal for a Day Week/National Education Week: November 14-18, 2022; the chance to take your place in the principal’s office of one of Gwinnett’s fine public schools!
  • Principal for a Day Celebration Breakfast: December 7, 2022

Applications close August 1.


To help us pair participants with schools, we need to know the following:
To reap the most benefits from “Principal for a Day,” please consider listing schools that you know little about, and that your children or family members do not attend… expand your understanding of our very large, diverse, and fascinating school district.

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