Sleek new look for uniquely minded Jaguar Land Rover Gwinnett dealership

Sleek new look for uniquely minded Jaguar Land Rover Gwinnett dealership

As featured in the Summer 2019 issue of The Executive, an online magazine featuring members of Gwinnett Chamber’s Chairman’s Club. 

Nathan Swanson, General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover Gwinnett, thinks it’s a shame if you haven’t been into his store. The dealership, which is a part of the Hennessey automotive family and located on Old Norcross Road in Duluth, recently celebrated the grand opening of a redesigned and expanded showroom. “It went from a charming hunting lodge feel to an open, bright and clean European-type showroom. It looks like an Apple store from the outside,” Swanson said.

The 15,000-square-foot expansion and multi-million-dollar interior and exterior upgrades modernize the dealership’s look and brings the facility to around 38,000 square feet total under multiple roofs. The showroom’s clean design extends to the service area, which is now more comfortable for customers who choose to wait while their cars are maintenanced. Swanson said the overall feel is “open, airy and beautiful.”

The new look was part of scheduled upgrades mandated by the Jaguar parent company, but also coincided with a customer service renaissance that started in 2017 when Swanson came on board at Jaguar Land Rover Gwinnett. His 13 years of experience in luxury car sales and deep respect for his customers’ time has changed the entire customer experience at the dealership, from online interactions to the sales process and the service center. “Time is the most important thing to our customers and the market in Gwinnett has responded favorably to the way we do business now,” Swanson said. Since 2017, the dealership has doubled its number of employees and nearly quadrupled its income.

Those numbers show Swanson’s success, but also indicate the incredible location of the dealership. “The Gwinnett area has so much opportunity with such a large customer base,” Swanson said. “The continued potential for the store is tremendous.”

For anyone seeking a car that is luxurious but a little different than everyone else’s, Swanson encourages a trip to his store and maybe even a test drive. After fixing a latte or cappuccino at the new coffee bar, you might enjoy looking at the Jaguar F-type. Swanson thinks it would appeal to any sports car enthusiast, saying “its sound, its growl, is very visceral in nature.”

If you’re more of an off-roading or family-transporting type of person, Swanson recommends seeing one of the new Land Rovers. For the eco-conscious and/or technology enthusiast, Jaguar’s electric sports utility vehicle, and 2019 World Car of the Year, the I-PACE is also on the lot.

Swanson himself drives the new seven-passenger Land Rover, but said “I honestly don’t have a favorite on the lot. They are all such unique luxurious cars. The boutique nature of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands means our vehicles aren’t produced in the mass quantities other luxury cars are. That means you aren’t going to see many other ones just like yours.”

He extends an open invitation to anyone curious about the Jaguar and Land Rover brand and the renovated dealership. “Come out and experience the investment we’ve made in the community,” Swanson said. “For the most part everyone who works here lives in Gwinnett County, and we’d love to see our neighbors.”

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