Start something new at THE HUB: Business Strategy Center

Start something new at THE HUB: Business Strategy Center

THE HUB is a place for starting NEW ventures, meeting NEW people, and learning NEW things!

We are a co-working and networking community of like-minded professionals located in Snellville, GA. Although we are new to the Snellville area, we are not new to helping bring structure and valuable insights to the life of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

We share space, resources, ideas, networks and opportunities. With small business training and entrepreneur classes, we bring together like-minded individuals to combine their wisdom and enthusiasm so everyone can benefit from them to grow their revenues and their careers.

We encourage our members to work for themselves, not by themselves. We support the emerging work from home workforce and small businesses by providing a home base and collaborative community for those who work alone. If you are looking for a diverse community of passionate, inspiring independents.

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